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Transfer of advanced technologies – Qazgeology


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Transfer of advanced technologies

Work quality and data accuracy requirements are increasing day by day. This is because an individual depends on energy resources, needs for other raw materials and exhaustion of traditional fields. Development of innovative technologies will allow meeting the challenge.

Currently, thanks to high technology, we can perform procedures in a short time that decades ago would have seemed impossible.

The main procedure of geological exploration is geophysical work in the field. Geophysical surveys are carried out to study the geological structure of the section, the allocation of productive layers on solid mineral deposits.

Joint application of electromagnetic technologies is quite an effective tool for prospecting and exploring minerals.

When exploring deposits with complex geological structure, the role of geophysical methods is increasingly reduced not to direct exploration of ore objects, but to solving the problems of exploring various indirect ore control features (analysis of structural and tectonic structure, identification of zoning elements and indirect factors of mineralization control). Currently, there is an intensive implementation of ore magnetotellurics, which is an effective tool in solving problems of structural mapping and forecasting of different types of mineral deposits. Introduction of magnetotelluric methods for solving ore problems significantly increases the depth of electrical exploration and makes it possible to identify deep-lying large deposits using geophysical data.

We also widely use modern aero-geophysical systems for in-depth studies of the Earth’s crust structures, as an advance work in exploring different types of minerals. In the course of ground geophysical surveys, we widely use new electrical exploration methods and equipment, which repeatedly increase the efficiency of electrotomography of geological structures to depths of several hundred meters. To analyze and interpret the results of geophysical surveys, we use modern software to simulate geophysical fields, identify and preliminarily study the main structural and geological features of the structure and prospects of minerals detection.

AirTEM technology is unique in the ability to analyze both the upper and deep part of the section at the same time, while other systems require using different complexes to perform this task to a depth of up to 400 meters. Dual base frequency mode allows splitting the section with a high degree of resolution due to the use of a dual frequency oscillator, in which a higher frequency gives details of the upper thickness, and a lower frequency gives a deep cut.

Rigid system structure makes it possible to reduce noise level in the source data of AirTEM using all types and brands of helicopters and is effective in conditions with heavily rugged terrain and wind speed exceeding 10 knots (more than 5 m/sec).

“AirTEM size (diameter 9 m) makes it easy to deploy the system in the field to improve survey efficiency.

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